Jahne Meyer - Jungle Geometry - Artist Statement

This body of work draws from the two differing worlds of beauty that I sing out to: The world of mathematics and geometry, with its calculated design, order, and precision, and the natural world, with its roughness, textures, tangles and shadows. 

Mathematics swept me up when I realised how visually captivating it could be. This led to a degree in pure mathematics and research, particularly in what is called Fractals - self similar, repeating geometrical objects. Even though my academic study was filled with pages of mathematical notation and abstract algebra, my artworks incorporate the striking visual end product even though they began as a very specific mathematical process and design.

My artist side has an unrelenting obsession for capturing my natural world. The flora, fauna and crash of nature that surrounds my studio is immense and awe-inspiring and my exploration of it is remarkably enhanced when transforming it onto paper. Within these works birdlife, plant life, and natural objects are teamed with fractal objects, creating an overlay effect. Occasionally a piece has the natural subject stand out, focusing on its detail. Sometimes it is purely the geometry, giving a glimpse into what fractals are and why they mesmerise.

Charcoal is the predominant medium. Mixed with an oil base to allow for clean detailing and shadowing. Charcoal has that deep rich matte black which creates a striking effect and allows the geometrical structure to stand out as purely white space, where charcoal should have been. Some pieces vary from this main theme, allowing me to play with hints of colour or different methods. 

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