Cactus Pentigree - Framed Original Artwork

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The cactus is such an iconic plant and such a perfect representation of a fractal system. Each trunk of the cactus grows arms that resemble the trunk, and in turn those arms grow arms themselves, and so on.

The fractal featured in this piece is Mcworters Pentigree Fractal.

This piece if oil mixed charcoal on paper and framed in a matted white timber frame. Back has D rings and hanging wire attached

Image: 36cm x 29cm
Frame: 54cm x 44cm

Math Background

My background is in mathematics where I researched a particular mathematical geometry called 'fractal geometry'. Fractal geometry is different to your everyday geometry in the sense that fractals have a self similar property to them. They are self similar at every level of magnification meaning if you focus into any small part of the fractal, it will look still look like the overall shape. Fractal geometry exists in nature. An example is a fern, where each frond of the fern is the same shape as the overall fern. However we can also generate and design abstract fractals. One way fractals can be constructed is by starting with basic shape, and then repeating a set of specific mathematical equations to it that might shrink, rotate, stretch, etc. the shape. These equations are repeated over and over again to create the fractal. This piece is from my latest exhibition, where fractals in various stages of their construction, overlay flora and fauna from the natural world.

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